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The body beautiful

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Alexander Wang x H&M Fall/Winter 2014

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This picture is just so awesome all the time

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Best in show…. The category is Martian Poodle. Marco Marco show. Drop the hemline and raise my hair…..photo Denise Malone for World of Wonder

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okay like no shade but people need to stop knocking kathy bates’ accent in freakshow.

as someone who is literally in baltimore RIGHT NOW, I can attest to the fact that people actually sound like that here. like….exactly like that. 

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Opening night of Rocky Horror tomorrow with @thebiancadelrio, @michellevisage and the amazing cast and crew of the @woodlawntheatre. I am so excited, our final dress rehearsal tonight was so much fun and tomorrow night I make my debut as Frank’n’furter! It’s running till November 1st, so get your tickets if your near San Antonio, TX. Woodlawntheatre.org http://ift.tt/1rxQoGB